ilka Leukefeld is currently based in Germany, living and working between Berlin and Halberstadt. This follows two decades of living in London and working between the UK and Germany. Since graduating from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and receiving her MA from the University of the Arts, London, she has initiated and curated many diverse art projects in both countries. She was the organiser and curator of the inaugural Monat Kunst Halberstadt in 2014 and continues to be actively involved in the non-profit-making organisation behind the biennial event.

Leukefeld has presented her own work widely, including recently in London at the German Embassy, the Southbank Centre and the Victoria and Albert Museum. She took part in the Press Room project at the 56th Venice Biennale as an Artist-Investigator. Currently, her solo exhibition Fearless, highly intelligent and successful is featured at the John Cage Organ Art Project in Halberstadt, Germany, where she has recently been awarded a six-month scholarship to develop a sculpture for the city’s Gleimhaus museum. Leukefeld’s work is represented in private and public collections around the world, including the Barheine-Stiftung Halberstadt. Most recently, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs added four of her ink-on-paper drawings to its permanent collection.

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 Solo exhibitions // Solo  Ausstellungen

11/19   Vollfruchtige Orangen (confiert) // Full-fruity oranges (candied). Gut Mahndorf, Sachsen-Anhalt.
04-07/18   Temple of Friendship. Gleimhaus-Museum der deutschen Aufklärung, Ausstellung der Exponate Arbeitsstipendium gefördert durch die Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt und der Kloster Bergesche Stiftung // Exhibition Scholarship by the art fund Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt and Kloster Bergesche Foundation.
03-07/18   Philosophische Ansichten zur Freundschaft (Porträts und Texte) ilka Leukefeld und Studierende, Hochschule Harz Halberstadt // Philosophical points of view of friendship (portraits and text)  Leukefeld and students of the Harz University.
04-07/17   Furchtlos, hochinteligent und erfolgreich (‘Fearless, highly intelligent and successful’), John Cage Organ Art Project, Halberstadt.
04-05/15   Vom globalen IRr SiNn (‘of global madness’); Galerie Süd in der Feuerwache, Magdeburg.
06/06   The Foundry Gallery, London EC2.
02/03   Kunstverein Region Heinsberg e.V. Drawings and sculptures.
11/02   Pub talk portraits; Broadway Market, London E8.
10/02   Modelshop Gallery, City Road, London EC2. Sculptures.
09/01   Line in Strümpfen (drawings/sculpture); Gallery Segler, Quedlinburg.
12/97   Galerie Cafe, Halberstadt. Sculptures.
06/97   Endangered animals (drawings); Cafe Alba, London E8.

Group exhibitions // Gruppen Ausstellungen 

12/19   NKR Call#1, Düsseldorf.
09/19   Galerie Burg 32 für Internationale Kunst, Stuer Vorwerk, Mecklenburg.
07/19   X8C-baby, Freundetreffen Festival, Museumspark Rüdersdorf, Berlin.
05-07/19   Generell Frisch, BBK Neue Mitglieder, Literaturhaus, Halle/Saale.
04/18   Gegenpol, Bergennale 2018; Berg am Starnberger See.
03/18   Im Märzen, Reithalle, Potsdam.
07/18   Blaue Engel, Museumspark Rüdersdorf, Freundetreffen Festival.
03-07/18   Philosophische Ansichten zur Freundschaft; Leukefeld und Studierende, Porträts und Texte; Hochschule Harz Halberstadt.
10/17   Sonderausstellung Zeitgenössische Kunst, Designers Open, Leipzig.
12/15   The Muse Gallery, Portobello Road, Skulptur Installation, London.
10/15   Twenty-five Years of German Unity Mirrored in the Arts; Frieze Fringe Event, German Embassy, London. Sculptural installation.
08/15   Press Room, Creative Time Summit at the 56th Venice Biennale.
02-04/15   Berlin-London: Contemporary Art by Woman; German Embassy, London.
09/14   Monat Kunst Halberstadt international bienniale, Germany. Zeitgenössische Menagerie Visueller Philosoph_innen/Contemporary Menagerie of Visual Philosophers: curator and exhibitor.
05/14   POST: Canalology, Tottenham, London.
03/14   POST: The Hackney Wick Takeover, participant; Victoria and Albert Museum,  London.
02/14   Group performance with Navigate; Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
01/14  ProjectTwoThousandAndFourteen; Nicola Fitzsimmons. Drawing online.
12/13   Art Quitilinga; Quedlinburg, Germany.
10/13   Cascades; Studio 180, London SE1.
09/13   ‘I am a frack-free artist’, live performance, human billboard; F.R. Festival, UK.
09/13   Open Studio, drawings, ‘Ethiopia’ fundraising event; Forest Row, UK.
09/13   Navigate 1; group performance; London.
07/13   Performance at anti-fracking protest; Lewes, UK.
06/13   Fusion Festival; participation in High Rise Rubber performance, Berlin.
04/13   Richmond Adult Community College, London.
 Temporal sculptural installation.
04/13   100 Mothers (painting); The Other Art Fair, London.
03/13   We’re only in it for the money; The Princess Alice, London E1.
10/12   Anne Frank Memorial Sculpture, Anne Frank School, Halberstadt, Germany.
11/12   Performance participant, ‘Secret Cinema’, London.
10/11   Art Auction for Greenpeace, organiser/exhibitor; Ashdown Gallery, Forest Row, UK.
06/11   2normalcy bias, curator and exhibitor; Listros Gallery, Berlin.
12/10   Richmond Adult Community College, London.
10/10   Frieze Art Fair; London.
10/10   Galleri 54; Gothenburg, Sweden.
10/10   Forest Row Festival, UK.
 Three video pieces.
09/10   The Hospital Club, London Fashion Week. Temporal sculptural installation.
07/10   ACT ART 8 – CENSORED, London. Video.
07/10   Birds of a Feather; Sueli Turner Gallery, London E2.
06/10   VERWERTUNG – Kunstfestival, Berlin.
04/10   Best of UK School 2009, Salon Contemporary, London.
 Temporal sculptural installation.
03/10   Shortwave Cinema, London.
03/10   Normalcy Bias, X-ray at The Perseverance, 
London E2. Video/performance; curator and exhibitor.
12/09   (N)Everland, The Nunnery, London E3.
11/09   As the World Turns, Tooting Beck, London.
 Temporal sculptural installation.
09/09   CCW Launch, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London SE1. Temporal sculptural installation.
09/09   MA Degree Show, Wimbledon College of Art, London. Live performance;
05/09   Cannizaro Park 09, London SW19. Temporal sculptural installation.
03/09   The Nunnery, London E3.
 Live performance/installation.
12/08   New Territories, Ada Street Gallery, London E8. Temporal sculptural installation.
11/08   Signs of Life, Colliers Wood, London.
 Temporal sculptural installation.
09/08   Collision, Area10, London. Temporal sculptural installation.
07/08   The Arts Club, Mayfair, London W1.
 Temporal sculptural installation.
02/07   Intermission; The Nunnery, London E3.
09/07   Collision, Area10, London. Sculpture.
08/06   The Halfway House, London. Sculpture.
06/06   The Infrequent Gallery, Nutley, UK. Drawings/sculptures.
12/05   Listros Gallery, Berlin. Drawings.
07/05   Florence Trust Studios, drawings/sculptures; London N5.
03/04   Oxford House, London E2. Painting.
11/03   Galerie im Waschhaus, Berlin. Drawings, exhibition with Hans Scheib.
03/03   Kloster unserer Lieben Frauen Magdeburg, Museum/Gallery.
11/02   Gallery Off Broadway, Hackney, London.
03/02   why do i linger, Hat Gallery, London.
12/01   doubt my honesty, Open Studio with Poppy Berry, Hackney, London.
11/00   lift me up, throw me far, EA, Hidden Art of Hackney, London.
08/00   Galerie im Kunsthof Halberstadt, participation.
07/00   love she wrote, solo show, Hat Gallery London.
11/99   poor mongrel, Attention, London.
05/99   Alte Farben Fabrik Halberstadt, among others including: Peter Hinz, Hans Hermann Richter, Jens Elgner, Daniel Priese.
12/98   Goldsmiths Graduates, The Time Gallery, Greenwich, London.
11/98   Something for the weekend, Kerstein Mansion, London.
09/98   letters addressed to a dead cat, Vulcano Filmfestival, London.
02/98   Kunstauktion, Galerie Michel Saran, Geilen Kirchen.
11/97   Hidden Art of Hackney with Neil Irons, Tom Hunter, Mirko Beutler.
01/96   Blech-Kunst-Objekte, Halberstadt-Wolfsburg-Leipzig. Audience prize for the sculpture: Deutsches Edelschwein.

Film and video

10/13   Anti-frack comedy, art direction.
09/13   Mermaid: video (work in progress); camera, M.Beutler.
03/10   Swan Lake: video; camera: M. Beutler.
02/10   Joo Janta 200: video; camera M. Beutler.
09/07 – 05/10 no blood, brain or nervous system: series of filmed installations; camera: M. Beutler.
02/98   Root Canal Treatment, assistant art director; 16 mm short fiction, directed by K. Pylkkänen; Helsinki.
08/97   Five, art director;16 mm Kodak Student Film Award, directed by Y. Halloran, London.
09/97   BBC Design Award Winner for Best Production Design on Constance.
02/97   Constance, art director; 16mm short fiction, directed by C. I.Nri; London.

Artist’s talks // Vorlesungen / Vorträge

05/15   One Artist’s Chaos. Galerie Süd, Feuerwache, Magdeburg.
03/15   One Artist’s Chaos. German Embassy, London.
12/14   Hochschule Harz (college), Halberstadt.
10/14   Richmond Adult Community College, London.
09/14   Curator’s guided tour of the inaugural MKH Biennial, Halberstadt, Germany.
04/13   Richmond Adult Community College, London.
12/10   Richmond Adult Community College, London.
08/03   Centro D’Arte Verrocchio, Casole D’Elsa, Italy.

Awards and artist’s residencies // Künstlerresidenzen / Stipendien

07/18   Colbita Künstler-Residenz, Land Sachsen-Anhalt und Landkreis Bistrita, Rumänien.
09/17-18   MKH Biennale, Lilith Womans Centre, Halberstadt.
06/17   Six-month scholarship awarded by the Kunststiftung Saxony-Anhalt and the Kloster Bergesche Stiftung.
11/04-07/05   England Florence Trust Studios, London.
03-05/04   Germany Kunstverein Röderhof e.V.
08/03   Italy Centro D’Arte Verrocchio, Casole D’Elsa.
09/02-07/03   England Thornhill School Islington, London.
06/02   Germany International Symposium, Hundisburg.

Educational art workshops // Kunstworkshops

09/19   BBK arists on schools, Anne Frank School, Halberstadt.
11/19   BBK Künstler*innen an Schulen, Montessori Schule, Gröningen.
08/18   Paper sculpture, Gleimhaus-Museum of German enlightenment.
01-03/18   Green class room, 3 oak sculptures; Lakomy School.
10/17   Performance Workshop world girls day, Zora e.V., Halberstadt.
04/17   Vocational orientation in art, Education and Training Center AWZ, Halberstadt.
06/15   Open Minds, (6-12 Jahre), Forest Row.09/14   Anne Frank Schule, art workshop with 200 primary school children.
02/13   Kinder und Jugendstiftung, Learn Camp (ages 13-18), Schierke.
10/12   Anne Frank Memorial Sculpture, Anne Frank School (age 6-11), Halberstadt.
00/12   Forest Row School, weekly art workshops (ages 6-11).
10/11   Anne Frank School, Green City wallpaper 6mx18m (ages 6-11).
08/11   Lakomie (special needs), school lampshade installation (ages12-18).
07/10   Three art workshops (Vanessa Dell), George Abbot School; Guildford (age 11-19).
10/10   Anne Frank School, (Heilkräuter) drawings of healing plants on 260 tiles.
09/02 – 07/03   Weekly art workshops, Thornhill School, Islington (ages 10-11), London.
07/01   Mandela: 8m-diameter outdoor installation; Polish, French and German teenagers (ages 17-19); Burchardi Kloster Halberstadt.
08/00   Three-day workshop, Bird Creatures (Vogelviecher), metal sculptures (ages 13-21); ZORA e.V, Halberstadt.

2007-09   MA (Fine Art), Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts London.
1995-98   BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
1994-95   BTEC Foundation in Art and Design, Kingsway College, London.
1992-94   Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, London.
1983-86   Apprenticeship: Orthopaedic Shoemaker, Halberstadt/Ohrdruf.