Elefant – nur noch Hüllen

Hinter Glas // Behind Glass Live Performance
10 October 2020
Video by Mirko Beutler
Watch: https://vimeo.com/472323856

ilka Leukefeld made a red cross paper hat labeled: i.L. cross – and a small, hollow elephant from Japanese paper during her 50-minute live performance. Many species are perishing because of pollution and climate change. This year 300 elephants died because of toxic green algae in their drinking water. These are large, visible animals, but how many others, much smaller creatures suffer due to environmental damage caused by humans? During the performance the artist was giving, in what felt like a vain attempt, a mouth to mouth resuscitation to her sculpture.

Leukefeld and Mirko Beutler (camera /editing) were both awarded a scholarship by the County of Saxony-Anhalt and the HaWoGe during the Corona pandemic.

The performance took place in Halberstadt, Germany, 10 October 2020.