Hinter Glas/Behind Glass Pop-up Art Project

Hinter Glas - Behind Glas 2020 by ilka Leukefeld


von ilka Leukefeld & Mirko Beutler
14 August – 14 November 2020

Während der Corona Krise initierte die Künstlerin ilka Leukefeld, gefördert durch das Stipendium ‘Kunst ans Netz’, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem DOP (Filmemacher, Kameramann und Filmsetbeleuchter) Mirko Beutler das ‘Hinter Glass‘ Kunstprojekt in Halberstadt. Seit Beginn der Fördermaßnahme des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, ist seit Mitte August in der Pop-Up Galerie, in der Voigtei 58b in Halberstadt, eine Ausstellung in ständiger Veränderung, und aus ‘sicherem Abstand’ zu beobachten.

ilka Leukefeld und Mirko Beutler widmen sich, wie immer, auch für die anberaumten HINTER GLAS PERFORMANCES, aktuellen Themen, wie der Pandemie.

Das HINTER GLAS POP- UP KUNSTPROJEKT kann Tag und Nacht in Augenschein genommen werden: 38820 Halberstadt, Voigtei 58b.

10 & 24 Oktober // 07 November  // jeweils ab 17:30 Uhr


ilka Leukefeld initiated the ‘Behind Glass Art-Projekt in collaboration with Mirko Beutler (Director of Photography) in Halberstadt.  Since mid-August Leukefeld and Beutler have rented an empty shop to work on an ongoing exhibition. Their work is supported by the local housing co-op HaWoGe, and ‘Kunst ans Netz’ (Art into the the Net), a funding measure of the state of Saxony-Anhalt to support artists for three month during the Corona pandemic.

The exhibits of their pop-up gallery is in constant flux, and can be observed from a ‘safe distance’. Mirko Beutler is providing the documentation of the working process, while ilka Leukefeld has dedicated herself to current topics, such as common life in a pandemic and environmental phenomena, such as happy whales. Leukefeld has also planned a series of three BEHIND GLASS LIVE PERFORMANCES, were she will further explore and work with the list of extinct species.

The BEHIND GLASS POP-UP ART PROJECT can be viewed day and night:
Germany, 38820 Halberstadt, Voigtei 58b.

10 & 24 October // 07 November // from 5.30 pm.

Petrol on the Curtain: Open studios in Halberstadt, 19-20 September

Join ilka Leukefeld for this Open Studios weekend

ilka Leukefeld is taking part in the Open Studios weekend 19-20 September 2020 (11am-6pm) in Halberstadt. You are cordially invited to view her new work at:

Atelier ilka Leukefeld,
Alte Schlosserei. Am Kloster 1
38820 Halberstadt

Click here for details of exhibition sites and of the participating members of the artists association, BBK Saxony-Anhalt.

Petrol on the Curtain – Issues can be reworked, dropped, or restricted

Behemoth by ilka Leukefeld

Leukefeld draws on three sources for her latest large-scale sculptural installation. Two mythological Babylonian creatures – Behemoth, symbolising the masculine and the earth, and Leviathan the feminine and the depths of the ocean – represent chaotic turbulence (a theme that often reapears in Leukefeld’s work); and the novel, Master and Margaritha, by Mikhail Bulgakov. Like him, Leukefeld interweaves mysticism with real-time experiences. In her ironic signature style, she examines pathological constraints of humanity and degenerate state systems.

Her tom-cat Behemoth, in Bulgakov’s book a journeyman of the devil wreaking havoc in 1920s Moscow, also holds a Browning pistol in his paw while swinging of the chandelier, but the text: ‘I am unable to grasp why I am treated so brusquely…’, in Leukefeld’s creation, refers to her own, current situation as an artist during the 2020 coronavirus crisis.

Size: 250 x 300 x 300 cm. Material: two sculptures made of newspaper, wire and paint; porcelain chandelier (ceiling-hung) and a golden stucco-picture frame (wall-hung).