Petrol on the Curtain: Open studios in Halberstadt, 19-20 September

Join ilka Leukefeld for this Open Studios weekend

ilka Leukefeld is taking part in the Open Studios weekend 19-20 September 2020 (11am-6pm) in Halberstadt. You are cordially invited to view her new work at:

Atelier ilka Leukefeld,
Alte Schlosserei. Am Kloster 1
38820 Halberstadt

Click here for details of exhibition sites and of the participating members of the artists association, BBK Saxony-Anhalt.

Petrol on the Curtain – Issues can be reworked, dropped, or restricted

Behemoth by ilka Leukefeld

Leukefeld draws on three sources for her latest large-scale sculptural installation. Two mythological Babylonian creatures – Behemoth, symbolising the masculine and the earth, and Leviathan the feminine and the depths of the ocean – represent chaotic turbulence (a theme that often reapears in Leukefeld’s work); and the novel, Master and Margaritha, by Mikhail Bulgakov. Like him, Leukefeld interweaves mysticism with real-time experiences. In her ironic signature style, she examines pathological constraints of humanity and degenerate state systems.

Her tom-cat Behemoth, in Bulgakov’s book a journeyman of the devil wreaking havoc in 1920s Moscow, also holds a Browning pistol in his paw while swinging of the chandelier, but the text: ‘I am unable to grasp why I am treated so brusquely…’, in Leukefeld’s creation, refers to her own, current situation as an artist during the 2020 coronavirus crisis.

Size: 250 x 300 x 300 cm. Material: two sculptures made of newspaper, wire and paint; porcelain chandelier (ceiling-hung) and a golden stucco-picture frame (wall-hung).



Finissage Vollfruchtige Orangen (confiert)

Vollfruchtige Orangen – Finissage auf Gut Mahndorf

Finissage Freitag 17. Juli 2020 // 18:00 Uhr
Gut Mahndorf, Dorfstraße 28, 38822.

Enttarnte Romantik (der Sonnenuntergang wird klinisch als Performance katalogisiert), die grosse Liebe, unwiderstehlicher Duft von Wildrosen und Meereskühle (vollfruchtige Orangen kommen tatsächlich nur im Titel vor… ) setzte die Künstlerin für diese Ausstellung in ihrer Ölmalerei um.

Die während eines Hiddensee Aufenthaltes im Sommer 2019 entstandenen Arbeiten sind stark von der minimalen und einfachen Offenheit der aus Japan stammenden Heiku Gedichtform beeinflusst.

Text und Bild finden in Leukefelds Malerei auf verschiedenen Wegen zu einander, und kreieren auf dem frischen, schneeweissen Hintergrund der Leinwand immer neue Zusammenhänge.

Der Galerist Uwe Reeder gibt zur Finissage der Kunstausstellung eine Werkerläuterung.

Wir laden Euch / Sie herzlich zur Finissage ein, aber bitte achtet auch beim Besuch der Ausstellung auf die Vorsichtsmassnahmen in Zeiten der Corona Pandemie.

Gut Mahndorf

Exposed romance (the sunset is technically catalogued as a performance), the great love, irresistible scent of wild roses, and the coolness of the sea (full-fruity oranges are only found in the title…) were all employed by the artist for this exhibition in her oil paintings. The works, created during a stay in Hiddensee during the summer of 2019, are strongly influenced by the minimal and simple openness of the Heiku poetry form, which originated in Japan.

In Leukefeld’s painting, text and image find each other in different ways, and always create new connections on the fresh and snow-white background of the canvas.

At the Finissage, the gallerist Uwe Reeder will guide visitors through Leukefeld’s work.

We cordially invite you to the finissage, but please pay attention to the precautionary measures in times of the corona pandemic when visiting the exhibition.

Vollfruchtige Orangen opens at Gut Mahndorf

Vollfruchtige Orangen (confiert)

Gut Mahndorf, Sachsen-Anhalt. Vernissage: 15/11/2019

The new works exhibited in this solo exhibition – in English, Full-fruity oranges (candied) – are all created by using oil paint on linen canvas, and egg-tempera paint on clay boards.

Influenced by the minimalist and simple openness of Japanese haiku poetry, I have extended my paintings and drawings with the use of sensory language. In this way, on the snow-white space of the canvas, word and color form new thoughts, feelings and images, detached from their original starting point. Sensitive imagery combined with well placed word-constructions are applied by palette knives, brushes and pipettes, thus enforcing a controlled, yet unpredictable lightness in the work.

All work is for sale. Please contact the artist directly.

About Gut Mahndorf.

‘Rosebud’ selected for Bergennale

Rosebud by ilka Leukefeld

ilka Leukefeld has been selected to take part in Gegenpol (‘Antithesis’), this year’s Bergennale exhibition (14–22 April 2018). Her work Has Rosebud – or half-standing ears – intelligent and loving with children was selected by the jury panel of Susanne Flesche (art-historian and Institute for Exhibition Partnership), Professor Dieter Rehm (photo-art and President of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München), and Anna Wondrak (art-historian and curator).

• Gegenpol, Bergennale Marstall Berg, Mühlgasse 7, 82335 Berg.
14-22 April 2018.

Show time in Leipzig – 20-22 October

Leukefeld’s work has been selected for a special exhibition of contemporary art at the Leipziger Messe Designers’ Open this month (20-22 Oct). Her stand will be number 50, on the ground floor. All visitors welcome!

More info: Designers’ Open

September Open Studio dates in Germany

ilka Leukefeld will be taking part in two Open Studio events at her German studio this month: the Open Doors Heritage Day on Sunday, 10 September, and the Open Studios weekend organised by the Artists’ Union Saxony-Anhalt (BBK) on 16 and 17 September, 11am-6pm.

Leukefeld’s studio is located next door to the John Cage Organ Art Project at the Burchardikloster (Kloster 1, 38820 Halberstadt), where she is currently working on a project made possible by a scholarship awarded by the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt and the Klosterbergische Stiftung.

All visitors are welcome and the artist will on hand to talk about her work and discuss commissions for sculptures, installations and paintings.

‘Herr Hoffman’ acquired by the John Cage Organ Project

The John Cage Organ Project has acquired Leukefeld’s painting Herr Hoffmann liebt das blaue Mädchen (die Liebesgeschichte eines Hausmeisters und der Heizanlage) / Mr Hoffmann loves the blue girl (the love story of a caretaker and his heating-system). The Project has presented the work to Herr Hoffmann himself.

Artist’s scholarship

ilka Leukefeld has been awarded a six-month scholarship by the Kunststiftung Saxony-Anhalt and the Kloster Beregsche Stiftung to develop ideas around the subject of ’Temple of Friendship’ and ‘Culture of Friendship’. Her research will centre around the Gleimhaus Museum of the German Enlightenment in Halberstadt and the 300th anniversary of Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim’s birth in 1719. The artist wishes to thank Dr Ute Pott, Director of the Gleimhaus Museum, for her support.

For more information about the Gleimhaus Museum, visit