Vollfruchtige Orangen opens at Gut Mahndorf

Vollfruchtige Orangen (confiert)

Gut Mahndorf, Sachsen-Anhalt. Vernissage: 15/11/2019

The new works exhibited in this solo exhibition – in English, Full-fruity oranges (candied) – are all created by using oil paint on linen canvas, and egg-tempera paint on clay boards.

Influenced by the minimalist and simple openness of Japanese haiku poetry, I have extended my paintings and drawings with the use of sensory language. In this way, on the snow-white space of the canvas, word and color form new thoughts, feelings and images, detached from their original starting point. Sensitive imagery combined with well placed word-constructions are applied by palette knives, brushes and pipettes, thus enforcing a controlled, yet unpredictable lightness in the work.

All work is for sale. Please contact the artist directly.

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